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solution - LICESS

Support Small Business
Entrepreneurship in Liberia

Instead of the old approach of sending aid to Africa, we want to take a more sustainable approach that will empower Liberians to control their own future.

Our program will identify, train, finance, and monitor small business entrepreneurs to guide them to success.
  • LICESS will identify budding entrepreneurs with a strong desire to succeed in business through a business idea competition.
  • Our selected entrepreneurs will receive 8 weeks of training in several key modules including bookkeeping, understanding capital needs, growth projection, among others. After successfully passing through the series of training modules, LICESS will provide long-term loans up to $25,000 per business.
  • For one year after the business is established, LICESS will provide consulting and program and financial auditing to aid the business to become successful and sustain success and growth.

“We live in a culture of aid… more than $1 trillion in development assistance since 1959 has left Africa worse off (because) much of the money has gone to corrupt regimes and has kept dictators in power.”

– Dambisa Moya, Zambian Economist