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The Problem

Liberia has over 100,000 former child soldiers
They were disarmed in 2006 as part of the UN but most remain unemployed and some have taken to a life of crime as armed robbers.

<1% of Liberians have access to electricity
The few Liberians that have access to the electricity grid pay the highest price for electricity in sub-Saharan Africa, $0.43 per kilowatt-hour (kWh); however that is still better than the majority of businesses and homes who pay at least 9 times that amount for diesel-powered generators.

95% of Liberians live on less than $2 a day.
The average for Sub-Saharan Africa is 70%.

80% of Liberians are unemployed
College graduates find it hard to find jobs and even if they do, these jobs don’t pay well. A nurse with a 4-year college degree and years of experience will make only $175 per month.

Banks in Liberia generally require collateral worth 1.5x the amount requested in loans
Women, who tend to have no property in their name, find it the hardest to acquire loans. Even for those with property, the general low value of land and property in Liberia tends to limit loan amounts to the microfinance scale. Only low impact businesses are then allowed to flourish.